Buses de soufflage EXAIR

Les buses de soufflage et les jets d’air EXAIR sont conçus pour générer des jets d’air ciblés et sûrs afin de nettoyer ou sécher des produits. Grâce à leur conception spéciale, les buses de soufflage EXAIR ne peuvent pas être obstruées, ce qui permet d’éviter les risques pour la santé liés à l’air comprimé. Cela contribue également à une réduction significative du bruit et à une augmentation de la puissance de soufflage.

Spraybest offers a full selection of EXAIR air nozzles that can be used in various applications, including blowing, cooling, and drying. These air nozzles are designed to provide a strong blowing airflow with minimal air consumption and noise levels.

EXAIR Air Nozzles

The EXAIR air nozzles are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of diverse applications. From the tiny Atto Super Air Nozzles to the 1 1/4″ Large Super Air Nozzles, we have a range of options. When even these nozzles do not provide sufficient airflow, the EXAIR Super Air Nozzle clusters come to the rescue. Particularly unique are the Back Blow Air Nozzles, which are specially designed for cleaning and drying drilled holes. An overview of all EXAIR air nozzles can be found here.

Various accessories are also available, such as Stay Set Hoses, which allow flexible positioning of the air nozzles.

Consultation & Customization

We are happy to assist you in selecting the right air nozzles for your application. Make use of the expertise of our specialists who are eager to collaborate with you. We are pleased to offer customized solutions. Please contact us for advice.

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Buses de soufflage EXAIR

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